Reviews for Arcadias Children: The Fyfield Plantation

Andrew R Williams has done it again! The reviews for Arcadias Children: The Fyfield Plantation tell us that the new release is a perfect sequel to the first book in the series. The eagerly awaited second outing has not disappointed, continuing the rollercoaster journey through worlds filled with aliens, robots, clones, danger and intrigue. Following the success of Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge, this adventure is even more captivating than the first.

Reviews for Arcadias Children: The Fyfield Plantation

Available directly from Amazon in either paperback or Kindle versions, the reviews for Arcadias Children: The Fyfield Plantation praise this latest novel in the science fiction genre:

Five Star Review – “I Highly Recommend

Did it again!! Great Book, I must say. The way the story unfolds and take you deep into the another world is simply amazing, Andrew’s writing is awe-inspiring. I loved the mindset of Mick Tarmy and the way he handled every scenario, basically I loved how the author portrayed it. The way the situations were explained was so impressive, I did not even want to take a break from it. I just wanted to fall in the story more and more. I found Tarmy’s priorities and his affection to his daughter and his little group quite endearing. I highly recommend this book to all prequel readers, tarleton haters 😛 and all those who enjoys stories about other worlds like me”.

Reviews for Arcadias Children: The Fyfield Plantation

The new book continues the timeline by following Mick Tarmy and his escape from the Fyfield Valley, only to be caught up in a web of blackmail involving his daughter and his return to the valley to cause destruction in order to save humanity in the future.

Five Star Review – “A Wonderfully-Crafted Science Fiction Story

“I love Williams’ way of creating plot lines within plot lines. He is a master storyteller, someone that any writer might want to emulate because of the depth, breath, honesty and sincerity of his writing.
I loved this story from start to finish! I will definitely be recommending it to my friends who love thrillers. I can’t wait for his next book!”

Reviews for Arcadias Children: The Fyfield Plantation

Author, UK based Andrew Williams, promised us a sequel and he has kept his word with this fast-paced Fantasy/Science Fiction story. With plenty of action and romance, as in the first Arcadia’s Children outing, Arcadia’s Children 2: The Fyfield Plantation makes a great read for all tastes and is a great way of introducing new readers to the Fantasy/Science Fiction genre.

Five Star Review – “Riveting

Needless to say, the journey was enticing, exciting and exhilarating. Can’t wait for what the author comes up with next! Want to know what happened? Not giving any spoilers, you’ll have to pick up the book & read. But I promise it’s worth it!”

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Don’t take these readers words for it! Read the book and transport yourself into another world….

Reviews for Arcadias Children: The Fyfield Plantation

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