Will Tony Kinfrank escape and act as a whistleblower?

Ambronootrop was hailed as a new wonder drug. It improves health and brainpower.

Students in the USA start taking Ambronootrop to improve their exam results.

However, Ambronootrop was soon banned in the USA because students taking it suffered severe side effects.
Slash and Byrne, a European company, continues to make Ambronootrop.

When Tony Kinfrank, who invented Ambronootrop, realises the company manufacturing has secret Neo-Nazi ambitions, which is to use Ambronootrop to create a master race, he is forced to flee for his life.



  • A book that keeps you riveted with it's twists and turns
  • An excellent plot structure and the sort of story that is suitable for all ages


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What a beautifully written book with excellent plot structure and the sort of story that is suitable for all ages. My 7 year old son enjoyed this and so did my nan who is in her nineties. Would recommend it highly to anyone who enjoys a challenging and thought provoking read


I can't wait for the sequel. Arcadia's Children Samantha's revenge by Andrew Williams, Arcadia's Children: Samantha's Revenge keeps you riveted with it's plot twists and turns. The mixture of fantasy and fiction is mindblowing. From the scary humanoid Samantha to the Spettri and the Arcadian Wolves the characters will have you mesmerised.